She’s a beaut, Clark.


Today Gibson (2) has told me: He does not want to go to Target, he does not want to go to Chipotle, and he does not want to eat lunch.  He has told me, however, that today he wants to ride a bear and shoot it.



Driving in our old neighborhood, we happened to pass our old house.

Hendric (5): Wow.  She’s a beauty.



Hendric:  I know you’re getting sad about Langley turning one, but you don’t have to worry because she’s still going to be cute even when she’s one.

Me:  Bud, I don’t get sad because I think she’s not going to be cute anymore! It always just makes me think of how fast you guys are growing up.  I’m proud of all the things you guys can do as you get bigger, but it make me remember that someday you guys are going to grow up and move away.

Hendric: Yeah, sometimes I start to think about being grown up and moving away and then I just think, “Nope.  Not gonna do that.”  So you don’t have to worry.



Me:  Gibson, can you not kick the table?

Gibson:  I.  am gonna.  cwush you.  to desss.  No mo talkin.



We dropped off a breast pump to a friend.

Hendric:  Gibson, let me tell you about a breast pump.  You know how mommy feeds Langley?  She feeds her with her breasts.  The breast pump squeezes out the milk and then she puts it in a bottle and if she’s not there, someone else can feed Langley with breast milk in a bottle.

Gibson:  (pause, pause) Nope.



Gibson eating breakfast…

Gibson: Can I do it with my knees?

Me: Do what?

Gibson: This. (shows me nothing)

Me: Do what?

Gibson: These knees.

Me: I know your knees.  What do you want to do with them?

Gibson:  This. (still showing me nothing)

Me:  Are you wanting to sit on your knees?

Gibson:  No, like a snake.

Well that clears it up.


My classy boy. Pajamas, power ranger shirt covered in yogurt, monster hat.


Every Man’s Answer

{{Top Ten Snippet #1}}

In honor of Hendric’s 6th birthday yesterday, I bring you my number one favorite kid snippet from the past 6 years.  I love this one so much because I really think that, although Hendric was FOUR at the time, it is an insight into almost every man’s brain.


Me to Eric: Did you know that there is a Love Languages book for kids?

Hendric: What’s a love language?

Me: Well it’s the things that people do for you that make you feel loved. What sorts of things make you feel the most loved?

Hendric: Not having this conversation.


Just showing off his Ninjaflyswatting skills.

Just showing off his Ninjaflyswatting skills.