Whooooooo’s a hoe…

{{Top Ten Snippet #3}}

This one happened fairly recently and I still laugh out loud when I read it…also, only super cool people will sing this post’s title ^^^


Reading through Peter Rabbit and discussing how Peter was afraid of Mr. McGrigor and the hoe he was chasing him with…

Gibson (2): Bunny afraid of the hoe?

Hendric (5): Yep, he was afraid of the scary hoe.

Gibson: Hoe’s scary. (turning and pointing) Mama’s a hoe! Brother’s a hoe! Gibson’s a hoe!!

Hendric: Hey! Your mama is not a hoe!! The only hoe around this house is you! Because you mix your paint colors.

knit gloves + tile floor= "turkey feet"

knit gloves + tile floor= “turkey feet”