Every Man’s Answer

{{Top Ten Snippet #1}}

In honor of Hendric’s 6th birthday yesterday, I bring you my number one favorite kid snippet from the past 6 years.  I love this one so much because I really think that, although Hendric was FOUR at the time, it is an insight into almost every man’s brain.


Me to Eric: Did you know that there is a Love Languages book for kids?

Hendric: What’s a love language?

Me: Well it’s the things that people do for you that make you feel loved. What sorts of things make you feel the most loved?

Hendric: Not having this conversation.


Just showing off his Ninjaflyswatting skills.

Just showing off his Ninjaflyswatting skills.


{{Top Ten Snippet #2}}

I seriously had a really hard time choosing between #1 and #2!


Me to Eric: Maybe tomorrow I will take the kids to the s-p-l-a-s-h p-a-d so you can get all your stuff done.

Hendric (4): What did you spell?

Me: If I wanted you to know, I wouldn’t have spelled it. Remember, sometimes it’s for privacy.

Hendric: No. Privacy is just for vaginas, penises, and butts.

I have no words.