Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Last night the kiddos were playing outside on the playground and there was a collision between Hendric and Langley while he was on the swing and she ran by. I was gone when it happened so Hendric decided he needed to fill me in when he saw me.

Hendric (6): Hey Mama, did you hear I almost kicked Langley in the face?
Me: Well actually, I heard you did kick her in the face.
Hendric: Well, EVENTUALLY I kicked her in the face. But at first I just ALMOST kicked her in the face.

Picking up Gibson from class tonight at church…

Gibson (3): Mama, can my parents buy me ice cream?
Me: What do you mean?
Gibson: Well I asked my teachers for ice cream and they said maybe my parents can buy me ice cream. So can they? Can my parents buy me ice cream?
Me: Gibson, do you know who your parents are?
Gibson: I have no idea.
Me: Mommy and daddy are your parents.
Gibson: Ooooooh. So can you buy me ice cream?

Summer Edition!!


Playing at the park…

Hendric (6): Mama, I not sure you can do this (move on the jungle gym).  It takes a lot of focus, exercise, and knowing what you’re doing.


Hendric, discovering a product at the grocery store: I can’t believe broccoli pancakes are a real thing.  Troubling times will come with broccoli pancakes.


From my husband–date night at family camp:  Is it as fun to be married to me as I think it probably is?


Mini-golfing with the crew:

Hendric: I am trying to use hard work and old-fashioned brain power to get it to go in.


Me:  Gibson, you are almost 3 years old.  The whining has to stop.

Gibson (2): I am very almost 3.  And Langley is almost bigger.  And you are almost a giant.


My mom (Mamaw):  I am going to Mexico this week, what do you want me to bring you?

Gibson: Quesadillas!!


Running in the backyard…

Hendric: Gibson, do you wanna go play and touch each other??!!

Me:  That game is called Tag and never ever ever refer to it as that ever again.

Hendric:  I didn’t know if Gibson would know what tag was, so I was trying to say it how he would understand.

Just no.


We just pulled some tomatoes from our backyard…

Gibson:  I’ll eat that when you turn it into macaroni and cheese.

My brood at family camp.  There are no words for the specialness that abounds here.

My brood at family camp. There are no words for the specialness that abounds here.