Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Last night the kiddos were playing outside on the playground and there was a collision between Hendric and Langley while he was on the swing and she ran by. I was gone when it happened so Hendric decided he needed to fill me in when he saw me.

Hendric (6): Hey Mama, did you hear I almost kicked Langley in the face?
Me: Well actually, I heard you did kick her in the face.
Hendric: Well, EVENTUALLY I kicked her in the face. But at first I just ALMOST kicked her in the face.

Picking up Gibson from class tonight at church…

Gibson (3): Mama, can my parents buy me ice cream?
Me: What do you mean?
Gibson: Well I asked my teachers for ice cream and they said maybe my parents can buy me ice cream. So can they? Can my parents buy me ice cream?
Me: Gibson, do you know who your parents are?
Gibson: I have no idea.
Me: Mommy and daddy are your parents.
Gibson: Ooooooh. So can you buy me ice cream?

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